Bhimtal is a small town near Nainital. And the main attraction of Bhimtal is the beautiful Lake. What makes the lake more interesting is the small island within the lake.

Bhimtal is a similar city like Nainital, but small and comparatively less-populated.

The dimensions of the lake are around 1.7 km in length. And 450 meters wide. The lake is surrounded by well-build motor-able road.

The Bhimtal daat is the corner of lake from where you can find boats. They are available for the joy ride of the lake.

The lake is at an altitude of 1370 meters from the sea level.

Which type of lake is Bhimtal?

Is Bhimtal lake a natural lake?

Bhimtal lake was a small pond in earlier days. Somewhere around in 1883, the Britishers build a dam at the end of the pond, which increased it’s depth and water reservoir capacity.

The water released from this dam is the source of Gola river near Kathgodam, Haldwani.

Many times in winters and summers, the water level of the lake goes down and you can witness the bottom of the lake. It is a very surprising view. A sight that is hard to believe, a beautiful lake, attracting tourists and at times you can see local playing cricket in the bottom of the lake.

bhimtal lake and the small island
Bhimtal lake and the island. Image credits: Amit Sah Photography

How to reach Bhimtal?

Bhimtal just like any other hill-stations of Uttarakhand, does not have any rail or flight connectivity.

Pitthoragarh, is the only exception in this with flight connectivity from Dehradun and Delhi.

By Road

Bhimtal can be easily reached from Kathgodam or Haldwani. The distance is around 20 km and takes around 45 minutes to reach. The road is zig-zag and not perfectly smooth. Drive carefully.

Also, if you are in Nainital. You can reach Bhimtal via Bhowali. This route is around 22 km. You can find government bus services from Nainital and a few local taxis also flock in this route.

How far is Bhimtal from Delhi?

Bhimtal is around 312 km from Delhi by road. Partly speaking, 290 km from Delhi to Kathgodam and 22 km from Kathgodam to Bhimtal.

If you are coming to Bhimtal from Delhi, you need to drive to Kathgodam or Haldwani. This will be a plain route. After Kathgodam, the hilly part starts. You can also, find multiple buses from Anand Vihar Bus Station. I particularly recommend to choose from government buses only.

The private bus operators from Anand Vihar Bus Station are cheats. They call off their services mid-way somewhere near Rudrapur, leaving you stranded. And if you travelling in the night, it ads more to your problem.

By Rail

The nearest rail head is Kathgodam Railway Station. And 4 km before Kathgodam you will also come across Haldwani railway station.

Kathgodam is end of the rail route at this end.

By Air

As for other places of Uttarakhand, nearest Airport is Pantnagar Airport.

Best time to visit Bhimtal

Bhimtal is a delight to visit round the year. The reason to visit Bhimtal is the beautiful lake and the pleasant weather.

Bhimtal is heavily visited by tourists in the summer vacations. And it seems to be flooded at that time.

If you are visiting the place in winter, you will have a pleasant experience. Deep chilling atmosphere will freeze your bones. The less crowd will also give you a pleasant sight of the lake city.

Which is better Nainital or Bhimtal?

Bhimtal and Nainital are both lake-cities of Uttarakhand. The distance between both of them is around 22 km.

Bhimtal as a town is comparatively smaller than Nainital and also attracts fewer tourists.

But both the lake-cities are equally beautiful. The boating experience in both the lakes will leave you spell-bounded.

Comparison between Nainital and Bhimtal is a little difficult as you both of them have their plus ponts.

Nainital has a bigger market and a rope-way ride. While Bhimtal has paragliding activity and an island in the middle of lake.

Nainital is more crowded as it’s a well-known name and no doubt somewhat more developed. But if you are looking to explore Bhimtal, you won’t be left disappointed.

Other famous places to cover near Bhimtal

  • Nainital
  • Sattal lake.
  • Bhowali.
  • Khurpatal.
  • Naukuchia tal.

Things to do in Bhimtal

  • Boating in Bhimtal Lake.
  • Paragliding.
  • Cycling.
  • Day hiking/trekking.
  • Evening walk in the mall-road.
  • Visit Hidimba temple.

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