A small town of the hills. Somewhat about 50 kms from Nainital.

Mukteshwar town on the top of the mountain, as seen from Sitla
Mukteshwar town on the top, as seen from Sitla

The place is a less explored jewel or I should restrict myself to ‘was’. The small place experiences the extreme rush during the 3 months of the summer. Rest of the year the place is a silent Adobe in the heaven. Around 350 kms from the national capital, a one night journey.

Mukteshwar is well known for it’s awesome weather. The place is kind of isolated and seldomly visited by tourists looking for picnic spots and shopping centers.And the category of people visiting the place includes those, who real have a great taste of nature and wish to enjoy their holidays away from the crowd and in the lap of nature.

Another major attraction of the place.The awesome Himalayan range fall in the east and as viewed from here is something that cannot be missed. The range continues all along the Chaukhamba massif up to the Nepal Himalayas. And the view of sunrise cast a magical spell and is not worth missing.

Best time to visit Mukteshwar

Though the place is best to visit round the year, but the best sunrises can be seen in the winters. Although the clarity in the sunset and sunrise after the monsoon is also not worth missing.

sunset from Mukeshtwar hills
A pic of the sunset during the post monsoon season. 5 Sept ’17.

The flora over here is the same that consitutes the high altitude forest of Uttarakhand namely Mapple, rhododendrons, birch , deodar and many more. Though flora is intersting over here but it’s interest stricts to those with a knowlede not this field. 

But the fauna over here is very much interesting and it does resticts you with your knowledge. Wild boars, reindeer, wild foxes and many beautiful birds can be spotted easily in the early morning and late evening. But there are leopards and tigers ‘bagh’ hovering around so do take care. I spotted a few reindeer and a wild boar in a morning ride with my friend Devendra, he got lucky enough to click the reindeers but the wild boar was pretty fast. His photographs are shared below.

A nearby place at 5 km named ‘Sitla’ after the famous ‘Sitla Mata’ temple is the area that holds the beauty of Mukteshwar. And the path between these  holds a 3 km jungle that comes under the Indian Vetenary Research Institute, is a real jungle to find all these attractions. But do take precaution and avoid walking through this jungle in odd hours as cannibals are also active over here due  to these delightful prays.

The place is still undeveloped and people do not have a lot of job opportunities to work around, though it is the same scenario as in many hilly regions of Uttarakhand. But with time, things are improving. Apart from farming, tourism is also opening the doors of employment and giving a chance to the locals to stay and work, instead of migrating. With a few hotel and resorts, the place also offers home-stays that make your stay comfortable and gives them a opportunity to earn.

KILMORA, NGO in Mukteshwar

An NGO, named KILMORA is also active over here, that sells few local hand made crafts along with some local herbs in their outlets, giving the locals a good opportunity to work and also benefits the local farmers for they don’t have to struggle to sell their produce.

Board outside Kilmora NGO in Mukteshwar
KILMORA, an NGO, selling the local made handicrafts and local herbs, honey, juices Tec.
Pnchahculi NGO in Mukteshwar
Panchachuli, another NGO outlet that sells handicrafts made by the local women
School kids, back to home.
These two surely know how to pose

Mukteshwar.A beautiful place in the lap of the Himalayas. Nathukhan and Ramgarh are in the vicinity.

Places to visit in Mukteshwar

  1. Chauli ki Jali
  2. Sitla
  3. Bhalu Gaad Waterfalls
  4. Mukteshwar Temple
  5. Indian Veterinary Research Institute (IVRI)
  6. Mukteshwar Inspection Bungalow
  7. Renewable Energy Park by TERI (The Energy and Research Institute)
  8. Methodist Church, just before Chauli.

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